Really like this picture

Sometimes you come across a picture that you just really like and it is often hard to sort of know what makes it stand out from the rest. What it is that makes it just a bit better then the rest. I mean basically I like all pictures of stunners in sexy high heels, but there are some you just keep flicking back to. I guess it helps that she is naked except for those awesome heels. I find heels go so well with naked, but then, heels go so well with just about any outfit (or lack of it).

Maybe it's her awesome sort of innocent warm smile? A nice smile always works. Or is it the setting? That stark setting with that blonde angel standing there in those seriously arousing heels.

What do you think? Do you find this picture a little bit special? Click the "Like" if you do.

I was trying to think of a good caption to go with this but nothing good came to mind. Anyone got any thoughts?

You can be sure that I will be putting this picture into my favourites page.