Happy Christmas from Addicted-to-Heels

102: It's Christmas Eve in sunny Western Australia. I would like to wish all regular visitors to Addicted-to-Heels a happy and grief free Christmas. I obviously have no idea what your life situations are but for those not having much fun in life I hope that at least things are a bit better for you over Christmas and that whatever god or gods you pray to look after you over this period. And if you don't have any god or gods you trust in then at least may lady luck take a bit of extra notice of you.

I would also like to thank all the beautiful ladies around the world for wearing their sexy high heels so that us pathetic men can get excited by (secretly) looking at them in their full glowing sexiness. I can think of nothing that adds a glow of colour and fun to any event like seeing an attractive woman out wearing sexy heels and looking amazing in them.

I tried to find a great Christmas high heels picture but in the end I decided to go with this. The full picture from which the Addicted-to-Heels banner came from.

All the best, Dylan.

P.S. I probably won't be posting much over the Christmas period. We (the girlfriend and I) are going up to Perth later today for three days so she can spend time with her folks.