Link review—Heels and More Heels

101: "Heel and More Heels" is a site that looks like it was started around February this year (2014). It is your basic picture re-posting site but the owner/editor re-posts large numbers of pictures per month. There is something like 1,900 pictures posted in the first month of this site. That is probably more pictures than I am likely to ever post.

The image quality of the pictures is generally good. The size of the pictures varies greatly, as is generally the case with most direct re-posting sites. You basically get the size of the picture at the site from which it is being re-post.

I looked through all of February and December and I would rate this site a soft R. Lots of legs, butts, and sexy high heels but nothing approaching an X rating that I spotted. Not even much bare booby to be seen.

Clicking on the "Heels and More Heels" logo (at right) will take you directly to the 'archive' section of the site.

Now here are five pictures selection from February over at 'heelsandmoreheels'.

I really like this next picture. I might add it to my favourites.