096: I learnt a new word while away camping (see previous post). Obviously with guys camping the conversation often turned to sexy women, and in my case in particular to women in sexy heels. One of the group referred to high heels as 'bonerstarters' indicating that sexy high heels cause a guy's cock to start to get hard.

I had never heard the term bonerstarters for high heels before. I have heard of high heels referred to as a lot of things such as "cock hardeners", "cock teasers", "fuck me heels' or just 'fuck me's", but bonerstarter was new to me.

When I Google'd bonestarters the top hit is a Tumblr site featuring high heels that I have never come across before. It's a little kinkier than I would normally go for featuring a lot of latex and leather with high heels. Sadly the images are small and I could not work out a way to make them bigger. The following small images are from the bonerstarters high heels fetish site. You can link to the bonerstarters site by clicking on the picture of BatGirl in massive platform heels (at right).

Following are a couple of my 'normal' pictures for your enjoyment.