Colourful wedges ... Or are they wedges?

091: I was just doing my usual morning scan of high heels sites on my phone as I was laying in bed and this flicked up on Heels Land. At first the colours hit you, but then as you look at the shoes you think are they wedges or not?

You think they are wedges at first, then you think maybe they aren't, and then you go back to thinking they are wedges again ... But you're not certain. I nudged the girlfriend and asked for her consultant input. After he sleepy remark something like "are you perving on high heels again" she then firmly informed me that they are definitely wedges.

What do you think? Wedges or not? Click the "Like" if you think they ARE NOT wedges.

As you can see I had a bit of fun doing the borders on that picture. I used the picker to sample from every colour off the shoes.

You probably don't realise it but all my borders are picked from colours in the pictures. In the next picture the scarlet red border has been picked from the red on her panties. Another little hint from Christine ... use the picker to sample the border colours from a colour in the picture. Usually a 'key' colour near the centre of the picture.