How to download the uploaded full sized images

066: As I have just basically worked it out myself I thought it might be useful to let you know how to see and/or download the full-sized version of the pictures I post.

When you see the picture in the post it will be the width of the blog column and this will vary depending on what you are using to look at the blog.

If you click the picture it will go into the Square Space lightbox and then it will be as big as your browser window lets it be. But this may not be the biggest it can be.

If you want download the actual size I put on the blog then you can do this. I am using the post "Not getting many 'Likes' (sad face)" which is here. This post looks like this.

Right click on the picture and get the URL.

If you are using Firefox then this is "Copy image location" as shown in the picture. Other browsers will have a similar option. You need to get the URL of the picture.

Paste the URL into the browser address line. It should look something like the following.

Edit the URL and delete the part off the end that says "?format=750w".

The modified URL will then look like this.

When you hit Enter and get this URL then Square Space gets the original picture.

Now the picture is too tall to fit on a 1200 pixel high screen. You can now right click and save this full sized image.

And now here is our guaranteed sexy high heels picture with every post. Pamela Anderson in sexy heels taking it easy on her bed. You could try and get the full sized version of this picture which is 1,500 pixels wide.