Wedges can be sexy

While almost all high heels are sexy I am generally not much of a fan of wedge heels and as far as I am aware most men are the same. In a chart rating the sexiness of the various styles of high heels I would expect wedge heels to come close to last. Right now I can't think of any style of high heels that would beat wedges for the last place.

But on Saturday morning I went for coffee with friends and after we were sitting down with our coffees one of my friends pointed out two girls in the queue that were wearing sandal wedge heels. To my expert eye I would say they were both the same make and style of shoe but one was wearing a blue pair and the others were a very light yellow. It helped that they were both wearing jeans and that one of my favourite looks is high heels with jeans.

So this inspired me to try and find something similar on the Web and I was surprised to find there is actually a site that specialises in pictures of wedge heels.

I couldn't find anything with jeans and wedge but here are some pictures of beautiful ladies showing off in sandal wedge heels that I did find.

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