Six posts from 334 to 366

085: Continuing on my plan to repost pictures from the previous team's posts here are six pictures taken from 334 to 366. I was only going to repost five pictures from each 33 but there were so many great sexy pictures I had to select from.

All of the following picture are directly from the pictures provided to me from the old team. I have not done any re-editing or changed them in any way.

I really like the next picture: her look, the colours, awesome legs, and those heels. I might need to add this to my favourites collection.

The next picture is pretty amazing too. She is just sitting there looking at the photographer and you can see in her face the she knows her stocking tops and high heels are causing every cock in the room to get a little rush of blood.

This next picture illustrates almost perfectly the butt-lifting affect of sexy high heels. Look at that lifted butt and the resultant curve in the back. Awesome.

Going through these 'old' posts from Christine's team reminds me how many great pictures they found and posted.