Site link ... Sweet Heels

086: Here is another high heels site link that I like. This site is called "Sweet Heels". I like the owners opening introduction: "I dedicate this blog to my affliction for beautiful women wearing high heels and stockings and are ready to please".

The quality of images at Sweet Heels varies a lot but mostly they are of good technical quality.

Mostly Sweet Heels is much like Addicted-to-Heels with lots of heels, butt, legs, and some bare boobies. There is the occasional bare pussy (see example at right). Also in the 100 pictures I scrolled through I encountered four GIFs of some boy-girl-cock action. Because of this I will have to rate the site X but it is 95 percent R.

However, apart from the rare boy-girl-cock GIF, overall Sweet Heels is a good site for all us men that enjoy seeing pictures of beautiful women showing off in sexy high heels.

Following are five selections from the first 100 pictures currently on Sweet Heels.

The URL to Sweet Heels is kind of interesting. It is The 57334 viewed upside down sort of says "HEELS" ... Sort of.

To go to Sweet Heels you can click on the following image.

Before I close the post here are two bonus pictures from Sweet Heels.