Not on Google!!

078: It looks like Addicted-to-Heels is not being indexed by Google. Last night I did a search on 'sexy high heels' in quotes and Google returned 13 pages of sites but none of them was Addicted-to-Heels. So then I tried 'bikini' with 'high heels' in the one search and after checking 30 pages of sites in the results there was still no sign of Addicted-to-Heels.

Thinking that surely Google is indexing my site as a targeted test I went back about 50 posts to the post "Give me a challenge" where Sarah Hyland is featured in sexy high heels and searched for 'Sarah Hyland' with 'peep toe heels'. In the 9 pages of results from Google none of them was Addicted-to-Heels!!