Girlfriend comes home from work today . . .

077: Saturday afternoons are just about the best time of the week for me. My girlfriend returns to me from working in the city. Fortunately she doesn't start work until 1:00pm on the Wednesday so she doesn't have to drive up the freeway in peak traffic and coming back on Saturday afternoons she totally misses peak traffic again. It might only be about two hours away but as she stays away for the three nights (Wed, Thur, Fri) it seems like she is much further away.

I also get a bit jealous about the men at her work seeing her in heels all day, especially the mechanics in the workshop when she has to go in there to check on something. Grrrr.

This is not my girlfriend. She likes this site and even helps me with it now and then but she forbids me posting any pictures of her here or even mentioning her name.