Time for a new link review—Babes in Heels

071: This is quite a good site that I have only just starting looking at. One of my friends e-mailed me the link.

The picture of the denim style peep toes heels at right links to the site.

The bulk of the images are of reasonable quality and all the pages that I have looked at were R- (R minus) rated. Not even any bare breasts that I saw. Just sexy heels, legs, and butts.

The site seemed to be very slow for some reason and when you go the Archive menu item I found that a lot of the images were not there. When you clicked on the thumbnail to see the larger version you ended up with a 'page not found' message.

All the pictures here are from Babes in Heels.

This next one is my favourite from this post. She is cute and looks amazing in those shorts. She has great legs and really sets them off by wearing those sexy slide heels with them.