Hi Alicia … that was unexpected

040: Just checking my comments, and to tell you the truth I don't get many, but there was a comment from Alicia. Seems Alicia runs the Heels Land site that I did a link posting about--my very first link posting actually. Here's what Alicia commented:

[Image links to 'front page' of Heels Land]

[Image links to 'front page' of Heels Land]

How nice was that? And totally unexpected. Thanks Alicia.

Here are few more pictures from Heels Land today.

Another picture where the high heels just make the shot and, although there is no way they could be even the tiniest bit comfortable, her feet and ankles look amazing in these heels. Her toes sitting perfectly in the ball of the shoe and her foot is in the most perfect sensuous arch.

I don't know who this is but I am sure it is an actress or model I 'should' know.

Seriously, denim just goes so well with sexy high heels for some reason.