The GoodShit 'Effect'

063: I purposely have not posted for two days in order to observe the full outcome of the GoodShit 'effect'. Two days ago this site was referred to by the owner/editor of the GoodShit site. The following graph for the month of October gives you an idea of the impact of the GoodShit 'effect'.

Look at the jump in unique visitors to the site for the last two days after the mention on GoodShit.

It will be interesting to see if any/many of those visitors becomes a regular reader. I really hope that some do.

In addition to all the new people experiencing Addicted-to-Heels I got a few encouraging comments:

  • JD said … "Awesome site. I Lurvs me some high heeled honeys".


  • In relation to the posting 'No Comments for a long time' MT C said … "Are there really any words for this? I can find none that would enhance" (the picture from the posting referred to by MT C is shown at right—click image to go to post and see larger picture).


  • Regular reader heelsmakemehard said … "Is that Cat Deeley sitting by the pool? She's got and amazing set of legs, and topped off with those heels".

So a big thanks to GoodShit and here is my guaranteed sexy high heels picture that comes with every post.