A big welcome to visitors from GoodShit

062: A big welcome to readers linking over from GoodShit.

My name is Dylan and I live south of Perth in Western Australia. I didn't start this amazing site. I took it over from the original team (Christine and Justin) about July this year (2014) after they had basically stopped posting.

This is a soft R-rated site featuring sexy high heels and the amazing stunning ladies that wear them for us. While most of the pictures shown here are from other high heels sites on the Web this is not just another 'image reposting site'. Every image is edited and enhanced in some way and there is text posted with every post—although in some cases the text has nothing to do with the picture(s) posted (but sometimes it does).

Every post includes at least one picture of a stunner showing off in high heels. As I said this is a 'soft' R-rated site and I don't post anything you would be too freaked out to find your young teenage daughter looking at.

I hope you find something here to keep you coming back. Please bookmark the site and check back regularly.

There are over 650 posts in the main blog so that should keep you scrolling back for a while if you are so inclined.

Following is a couple of sample of pictures from this site and then after that is my "guaranteed sexy high heels" feature picture that is posted with EVERY post.

Almost all images are significantly larger than displayed in the blog. Clicking on an image will display it at either its full size or the largest size it can fit in your browser; whichever happens first.