Trying to get a mention on GoodShit

059: I have e-mailed the GoodShit site to see if they will mention addicted-to-heels.

GoodShit is sort of like a general interest aggregation site. It is basically a blog where the editor posts various and varied general interest items--about 10 to 15 per day (sometimes more, sometimes less). I am not too sure how he finds all the interesting stuff to post and link to but I suspect that he has sub-editors (if that's the right term) feeding stuff into him.

A key attribute of GoodShit is that every couple of pages or so the editor drops in some beautiful pleasant relief, a few example of which are scattered around this text.

Following are some of the items from GoodShit today:

  • Video: New York hatchet jihadi
  • Esoteric Door Knockers and Door Handles
  • 2 tracks from Taylor Swift's new album ("1989")
  • Top Science News
  • Marilyn Bridge's photo gallery
  • Rais on moonshine still, 1931 Kentucky Lafayette Studio (picture)
  • Moss Balls of Lake Myvatn and Lack Akan
  • Your Brain Is On the Brink of Chaos
  • Chinese tourists treat Tibetans 'like zoo animals' (photos)
  • Islamic State earns $1 million per day in oil sales
  • Organized Crime Pays
  • Street Art
  • 50th year anniversary: Peter, Paul, and Mary
  • 'Ebola,' a History by David Quammen
  • Bedouin nomads crossing the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan
  • Book Lovers Are Totally Obsessed With This Website (site link)
  • Honest and Revealing Portraits of Gay Couples in the 80s

So if you are interested the following image links to GoodShit.

And following is the guaranteed stunner in sexy high heels that you get with every posting.

Edit >> 25th Oct >> 10:45 p.m.

The editor/owner of GoodShit has replied to my e-mail and Addicted-to-Heels should get a mention on Tuesday 28th (North American time). He advises that GoodShit is a one man operation; a bit like this site—except that he is retired whereas I am just out of work.

While I have been aware of GoodShit for about five years or so he points out that he has been doing it for over ten years.

With a bit of luck when Addicted-to-Heels features on GoodShit the SquareSpace servers should get a bit of a rattling. I will let you all know what happens to the visitor counts.