Feature site: Sultry Heels

054: Time for another feature site. This site is Sultry Heels.

The editor(s) of this site seem to occasionally go through stages of black and white pictures. When I first started reviewing this site I thought all the images were going to be black and white. But they weren't.

The image quality at Sultry Heels is lower than many of the other sexy high heels sites I check out, but on the upside many of the pictures are not pictures shared across from other heels sites. So the lower picture quality is probably due to the different sources that are found and used by Sultry Heels.

Another upside is that in the 30 pages of this site I checked for this review I did not find anything to bother me giving it an R rating. Just heels, legs, boobs, and bums.

Picture quality is not the best, but sexy high heels worn with jeans is one of my favourites.