Support Playboy

049: Following along from my last post I just thought I would do this. I would encourage readers to support Playboy Magazine and buy a copy now and then. Like this site Playboy is 'glamour only' R rated. In Australia it does not even come in a plastic bag cover to stop kids flicking through it in the newsagents.

You would not be too concerned, or concerned at all, if you found your young teen daughter flicking through a Playboy.

Here are three more Playboy stunners in sexy high heels that I managed to find on the web and the last one is from September's issue. If you want to see more of her then buy the September issue, or I guess you could subscribe to Playboy on the Web somehow. But I prefer the magazine because, yes, I am going to say it, there is actually interesting stuff to read in Playboy. Also with the magazine you can buy it when you want whereas a subscription locks you in.