Playboy stunners in heels

048: I still buy the occasional American Playboy magazine and I have the September one but I only buy it now and then these days (my girlfriend is currently the only one working and we have to be tight with money). They are a bit late getting to Australia so, as far as I know, October's edition is not in the shops yet.

The one thing I will say about Playboy, or the photographers at Playboy (or maybe it's Hugh himself?) is that they really understand the importance of high heels in amplifying a woman's sexiness. I think just about ten out of twelve centre-fold stunners in the year is presented in amazing sexy high heels.

I read here and there that the Playboy Magazine is in trouble which is kind of sad in a way. Part of the 'problem' is that any amount of raw porn is available from the internet. Also most guys these days are not satisfied with amazing pictures of beautiful ladies allowing us to appreciate their stunning legs, bums, and boobs. Which is also sad in way too.

Anyway here are three Playboy centre-fold stunners I could find in reasonably quality on the Internet.