Five from the 2nd 100

051: In my mission to re-post many of the previous team's pictures following are five pictures I have picked from the posts 101 to 200 by the 'old' addicted-to-heels team.

I think my special addiction to ladies wearing sexy high heels with jeans is probably known by most regular readers.

I realise that that this picture of this very beautiful lady in her sexy pink heels has been around for a while. It is at least five years old and possibly older. I only wish I knew this stunners name so I could put it in her for searches. This is a beautiful classic picture. Yep, and there is the 'well known' (to visitors to this site) Approved by Christine stamp. I could have cropped it out but decided not to.

Approved by Christine stamp again. As above, I could have cropped it out, but . . .