50th post … old house and heels

050: Well everybody, I have made it to my 50th post. I will admit that Christine was right when she told me it takes more time than I probably thought it did back when I contacted her about taking over this site from the previous team. But so far it has been mostly fun and it has been good that my amazing girlfriend has got involved in it a bit with me.

I have learnt heaps about using Photoshop Elements even though I am only doing basic stuff like cropping and putting borders on, although I have played with enhancing the sharpness and changing the colours a bit following the notes provided by Christine. Hopefully I will continue to improve doing that.

I really like this picture and I thought it was a good one to use for my 50th post. I like the white and pale lavender colours, and I love the old house setting. If I were ever so lucky as to be able to photograph ladies in sexy high heels I think I would probably find all the old houses I could to use as backgrounds.

I think I might put this on my favourites page.