"Beauty sans heels" page

046: As hinted at a few posts back I have created a new page called "Beauty sans heels". I had to get creative with the name of the page so that the name would fit in the menu without wrapping.

This new page will feature some of the beautiful pictures I find of stunning women in my search for sexy high heels pictures—but they are the ones where the stunner is not wearing sexy high heels (sadly).

I won't be posting regularly to "Beauty sans heels". I will only add to it on the occasion that I find a picture I think worth of being posted there and I will let you know in this main blog when I do add a picture to the "Beauty sans heels" page.

The picture I have posted there to start the page off is shown at right. Go to the 'Beauty sans heels' page to see it bigger.

The main pictures in this blog will ALWAYS be of stunners wearing sexy high heels.