Sorry girls … wedge heels just don't really do it

As our readers will know, the general principle is that sexy high heels give females an immediate +2 lift in sexiness. For example, if she is about a 6 in a hot dress and make-up normally, then putting on FM heels will instantly push her up to an 8.

Well while this is generally the case for most sexy high heels there is one type of high heel shoe style that does not provide this +2 effect. This is the wedge heels style. While there is always a small percentage of us men where the general rules do not hold true, you will find that most men do not get much of a sexual arousal message from wedge heels. Certainly not to the degree of open heel styles such as stiletto.

Even the most high heel addicted of us men find that wedge heels just don't do it for us.

If 'normal' high heels are a +2 then, at best, wedges are probably about a +0.5 (if even that). So while there is still a slight sexiness uplift from wedges they only provide about a quarter of the arousal impact to nearby men of stiletto styles.

According to our consultants (Christine and Alise) this lesser sexual excitement effect of wedges can be useful. On those occasions where women want to wear heels but don't want to send that sexual arousal signal to men then wedges are the heels to wear. However Christine did add that she does not own any wedge heels. Alise does have a couple of pairs but says she rarely wears them.

So, as this is a posting about wedge heels, here are some pictures featuring wedge heels.

If you are one the guys in the small percentage that find wedge heels a big turn on then feel free to let us know by posting a comment.


This last picture featuring Miranda Kerr is 1920x1200 full size. So you can use it for a wallpaper on your 'real' computer screen if you want. But I think you would have to agree with me when I say that this picture would have been much better if Miranda were bare-footed rather then wearing those wedge heels. And if she had been wearing some 4" white or pink peep-toe stiletto sling-back heels then that would have totally made this picture. The wedge heels were a really bad choice.

As always, thanks to Christine for all the image editing and enhancing.