You can't see the comments on smartphones !!!

As readers of the previous post will know, Alise was over last night helping me pick out pictures for that post. While she was here she pointed out something that I did not realise. If you are viewing our amazing site on a an Android smartphone the you are probably not seeing the comments . . . either the comments that have been posted or the option to add comments.

This could explain why we get so few comments. Or it could be at least part of the reason. People looking at our site on a smartphone, well an Android smartphone for sure, cannot even see the comments option.

We tried it using Firefox, Chrome, and (my favourite on Android) the Dolphin browser on her Motorola Maxx HD and none of these browsers show the comments widget at the bottom of each post that shows you how many comments have been posted and allows you to make comments.

However on my Lumia 925 using Internet Explorer you do get the comments attribute showing up.

Following is how it looks from Windows 7 on a 'real' PC using Firefox.

Following is how it looks on Firefox on Alise's phone . . . no comments widget to be seen.

Only if you open up a posting by clicking on the title do you get the commenting widget!!! So if you are using a smartphone and want to comment you need to open the posting to get the commenting widget.

I am not sure if this happens on iPhones using the iPhone browser.

And now here are three sexy high heels pictures for you to enjoy.