Heels are best worn naked . . .

This posting comes from a thought from one of my friends. His thought being that heels are best worn naked and I thought I would do a post dedicated to naked ladies in high heels.

Personally I just think heels are frigging amazing no matter what they are worn with. In fact, personally, I have a thing about high heels and denim jeans. Another of the big turn ons for me is seeing women out in public wearing seriously sexy heels. Obviously these women are not naked. But the thought that "heels are best worn naked" is a good idea for a posting topic so here we go.

Thanks again to Alise for helping me trawl through the pictures I have saved on my server plus helping me go through about 30 other Web sites looking for 10 really nice and very sexy pictures of ladies wearing nothing but very sexy high heels. Although there is any amount of girls naked in high heels all around the Web it is hard to find nice pictures that are suitable for posting at our site. So many of the pictures of naked women in heels are in pornographic situations on porn sites or show some bare pussy. We needed to find pictures where there was no obvious bare pussy visible. As well as this the sexy heels need to be an obvious feature of the picture so they needed to be in focus and fully in the picture. Not cut half off at the bottom or side of the frame by the photographer.

Also, as always, thanks to Christine for quickly editing up the five pictures we sent her this morning so we could post them this evening. As usual it is amazing how Christine transforms the pictures and make them seem brighter.

So here are the 10 pictures Alise and I picked out based on the theme "heels are best worn naked".