DNS registration due at the end of February

We had a very quick team meeting today. Our first for 2014. It was not our normal two or three hours going from morning coffee through to lunch time. It was over in less than an hour. Pity . . . I do like our long get-togethers. Also we have gone from having pretty regular weekly meetings to less frequent meetings, in fact our last meeting was about a month ago (I have not checked but it seems like a month ago).

The DNS registration for 'addictedtoheels' is due at the end of February and there was some discussion about whether we would renew or not.

It might be news to some readers that when we started addicted-to-heels we were originally setting it up at BlogSpot and then tried Wordpress. In fact those two starting attempts are still there and if you put 'addictedtoheels' into Google then Google actually lists the old BlogSpot first and about half way down the search list is the Wordpress site.

So now there is a little bit of discussion going on about whether we will renew it or not, or if we should just move the site back into Wordpress or Blogspot.

Personally I think we should renew. Even if for some reason we are not going to continue with the site then I think we should still renew.

And, as always, here are some sexy high heels pictures to enjoy.