Heels light up a woman's sexiness

Way back in September ... well it seems like a long time ago now … I was at a party where most of the girls were wearing heels and a mate remarked to me how high heels light up a woman’s sexiness. I liked this thought so much that I made a note to share it.

I have commented in various posts here about how much high heels enhance the sexual attractiveness of the wearer but I like how my friend put it. That high heels "light up a woman’s sexiness". You can sort of imagine a glow of sexiness turning on as they put those sexy heels on.

How many guys here have watched as their girlfriends or wives slide their feet into those magical high heels and experienced that little hardening of the cock as the heels go on?

Here are some pictures that I think illustrate the 'sexual glow' effect of high heels that he is talking about.