Summary of yesterday's team meeting

We had a long sort of double meeting of the addictedtoheels team yesterday. Alise's friend Claire did not come along so it was just the original team: me, Christine, Christine's boyfriend, and Alise. We met at Gloria Jeans in Leederville at around 2:30 and at about 3:30 we moved up to Dome and then stayed there for about another hour. We talked about a lot of things, not all of them related to our 'addicted to heels' site.

Christine is a bit down about how our numbers are falling and wondering why. Also she used to get some e-mails when we started but in the last four or five months the e-mails have almost totally stopped. The only e-mail she has had is when she was posting and she basically begged for someone to e-mail her.

So we, mostly me probably as I am seen as the "IT person" in this team (because I work in IM/IT), are going to try and work out how we can get more people coming to our site. If anyone has any ideas then please post a comment or e-mail Christine.

Ideas from the team included posting more celebrities in high heels (but I did not think that would help because I regularly post pictures of celebs in heels now), and maybe posting less semi-nude pictures of girls in high heels and posting more of the classy pictures of women in high heels (and I did not think that would work either because I/we already intermix these kinds of pictures anyway).

Another thought was that we are not posting enough pictures quickly enough. But I reminded everyone that this was never the plan with this site. We did not want to become just another high heels re-posting site re-posting 20 pictures a day. There are thousands of these across the Web and we feature some of them now and then. Our plan was to hand-pick the higher quality pictures, improve them if we could, and then post them. And our original plan was to do about five postings a week and I think we are probably doing more than that on average.

I really don't think that posting more pictures faster will get more people to visit our awesome site.

It was also mentioned that we put too many words with our postings compared to other similar sites (that mostly don't put in any words, just the pictures). But again, we are not trying to be just another heels 'porn' site. 

So we will see what we can do to try and get our numbers back up.

In the meantime please enjoy this more 'classy' picture of a woman showing off in her high heels.