Life is short, wear your heels more

This is a sort of saying that we came up with at last Saturday's team get together. However I was sure I had heard this 'saying' before, or seen it somewhere. So I did some Google searching on it and variations of it. I sort of found some interesting stuff.

I found a Pinterest site called "Life is Short - Wear Heels" (here).

I found a Web site called "Wear High Heels" (here). Even though the last posting seems to have been March 2011 the URL still works so someone is still paying for the DNS entry. 

There is a Facebook site called "Life is short, buy the damn shoes" which is basically all about high heels (here). 

But this is a bit different to what the team was thinking with our "Life is short, wear your heels more". The Christine and Alise thinking was that heels are fun, sexy, and exciting to wear but women don't really get that many chances to wear their heels out. So all you women should look for more opportunities to wear your heels out because "Life is Short".

Christine spent some time doing up a wallpaper along these lines. This wallpaper is 1920x1200. Christine has done three versions of it.

Here is the first version.

This first version has the tag "cause men to look and cocks to get hard everywhere you go!".

In this second version Christine has removed the tag about cocks getting hard.

In this final version Christine has removed all the wording so you just have the pictures.

What other high heels site gives you this kind of work?

All pictures are 1920x1200 16:10. The full sized wallpapers are stored in Christine's Skydrive. Just click on the wallpaper you want, select "View original" on the top menu of the Skydrive page, and then right click and set as your wallpaper.

And now here is our 'guaranteed high heels picture with every post'.