Six amateur pictures of girls enjoying the sexiness of wearing heels

Most of the pictures posted on our site, and all of the similar heels sites around the Web, are professional pictures. They are of models and are for magazines or fashion promotions, or are from Playboy or similar sites or magazines. But there are also lots of pictures of girlfriends and wives showing off their sexiness in heels. You can find these at many site. The trouble is that a lot of these pictures are of low quality. They are often out of focus or are blurred, or contain so much digital noise from low light that Christine cannot make the picture look any good.

Following are six pictures of wives and girlfriends looking hot is high heels that are sort of good enough quality to post.

I love seeing 'normal' girls enjoying the glamour and excitement they get from wearing sexy heels. Somehow that makes the heels even more sexy. 

As always, a big thanks to Christine for fixing these picture up for posting.