Our site is different … we are not just another 'click and re-post' site

I know I have posted about this before but I thought I would just say it again for any new visitors: our site is different. We are not another 'click and re-post' site. EVERY picture posted here has been edited and enhanced in some way by 'Christine the Amazing'. Even if, as it is with some pictures, just to crop them and put a border around them. But for many pictures the editing Christine does is much more than that and involves noise removal, brightening, adding some highlighting (mainly to the heels, especially if they are in shadows), fading/desaturation of backgrounds (to make the foreground stronger), colour balancing (to get the colour closer to correct), and enlargements (in case of picture I really want to post that are not big enough).

Also there is no porn here (although, as Christine has pointed out, this depends on your definition of 'porn'). However based on the definition that porn depicts one of more people involved in a sexual act and/or the clear visibility of female or male sexual organs, then there is no porn on this site. Many pictures show bare female boobs but bare breasts are not considered pornographic (providing the girl is over 16).

Also we try to only post higher quality pictures. Unless it is intentional you will generally not find blurry, noisy, over-enlarged, or over-sharpened images on our site.

We try to cater for all the various high heels lovers including those that like just legs and heels pictures, and those that just want feet and heels, and even just the heels in some cases. We try to include stocking and hose pictures for those that like stockings and hose with their heels, and some tasty lingerie.

Finally we don't just get our picture from the other blogs, like all the other blogs do.

And we post a sexy high heels picture with every post!!