Most popular posting for the month . . . E-mail to Christine

At the team get together on Saturday it was decided we should post some of our statistic occasionally. I am not too sure why because I don't see people being that interested in the counts. However I was outvoted so every now and then I will try and find something interesting about our counts and statistics to post about.

This post is about the Top 2 visited pages on our site in the last month.

The Number 1 visited page for the month was "Special treat: An e-mail and a feature high heels site". This was about an e-mail to Christine when she was posting to the site and the feature high heels site Heelicit. Christine wants me to mention that she has not had another e-mail since and that she really wants to hear from people visiting the site.

The following (reduced size) picture comes from the posting above and links to the posting.

The Number 2 visited page for the months was "Star Wars R2D2 hand painted 5" ZU heels". Click on the following low-resolution image to go to the page.

And following is the guaranteed "sexy heels picture with every post" picture for this posting. Enjoy.