Golden locks, pretty in pink, in-the-wild

Wow. In this posting there are five pictures in three sets. First one featuring a babe with golden locks in platform pumps.

The second is a set of three pictures I call "pretty in pink" of a model on the street modelling some extreme platform peep-toe heels. Obviously the shop that provided them did not want to get the soles scuffed because you will notice they have put masking tape on them to protect them. But I thought she was seriously cute out there strutting around in that pink skirt and those pink heels.

This set also feature a 'legs and heels' only picture. 

And the third set (of one picture) shows a girl in one of my favourite high heels situations, what I call heels in-the-wild. I love seeing pictures of girls out in their heels enjoying the effect of making men look at get horny.