A rare triple picture posting . . . featuring classy black and white

Christine thinks we should do more postings with multiple pictures, so here for my second posting for today is a posting with three pictures.

First is a repost of a past picture that I really like. This is a picture I posted about three weeks ago, but it is so amazing I thought it was worth posting again.

The second picture is a classy black and white picture featuring very sexy ankle-strap platform pumps. Just lately I have been getting into these classy but sexy black and white pictures.

The third and final picture is a nude babe wearing sky-high platform peep-toe heels. Wouldn't you just love to be able to take pictures like this. I know I would.

Christine also wants me to ask people to do more "Likes". We get very few postings with likes. Please, if you like a posting, well the pictures in a posting, please hit the Like button.