Heels can be a pick-me-up

Hi. A post from Christine. Before I start my post … nobody has sent me any e-mails yet.

I asked Justin to let me plug a post in here because I had this thought at work yesterday. Another thing about sexy heels is that they can be a pick-me-up. Sort of any new clothes can be a pick-me-up but new heels, or even old favourite heels, can be a special pick-me-up.

Sometimes I have worn sexy heels to work on days when something was going on that was making work yukky. Wearing sexy heels sort of makes the day a bit better.

Shopping for new heels is always fun and can be a huge pick-me-up when I am feeling a bit down.

When I was at high school I would sometime wear heels doing homework at home. It was a small joke in our house sometimes when I had heels on for someone, my dad or my mum, to say "Oh, doing homework are you". I could be going out somewhere in sexy heels and dad would say "You going off somewhere to do some homework?".

Anyway my point is that feeling sexy in heels can be a pick-me-up when you are down or gloomy.