Best start to a morning in recent memory

I had a very pleasant surprise start to my morning this morning. Fortunately the place that services my car is not far from my current work so I can drop my car off and then walk to work.

While I was dropping my car off this woman was also dropping off her car. When she walked into the office area next to the workshop every eye in the whole workshop was taking notice. She was wearing serious fuck-me now 4" sling-back white peep-toe heels. It was a serious, almost unreal, sexy vision. A woman in amazing sexy heels walking into the workshop office to book her car in for service. It was almost like a model shoot, only this was happening for real.

She wasn't that attractive but she wasn't ugly, and the heels were working their +2 sexy magic and making her look a lot more sexually interesting that she probably was without those heels. Also she must have driven her car to the workshop wearing the heels because I did not notice her putting them on when she got there, and that sort of somehow made it even sexier to imagine.

I did notice that every man there had noticed her sexy heels and was getting in a good look when they could.

Then she walked out of the office and got into a waiting car that was presumably being driven by her husband or boyfriend, and the magic was over. But it was so amazing to have been there. So so amazing.

What a great start to this morning. It is times like that which make you wish you had a hidden camera you could take pictures with.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures from this morning but I hope the following picture will make up for that.