Special treat: An e-mail and a feature high heels site

Christine here again on a Sunday morning sitting at my computer in my fleecy white pyjamas with pink Playboy bunnys all over them keying up what will most likely be my last post for a little while. Justin is back this weekend and will probably take over posting Monday or something. Then I will be able to get back to focussing on editing up the pictures Justin finds and he must have e-mailed me about 50 since he has been away. So those guys hanging out for pictures of almost naked girls in heels (which is probably all of you) will probably be happier because most of them seem to be these pictures.

Justin has also pointed out to me that I have not been tagging my posts. I totally forgot about tagging posts. Anyway Justin said he will fix that up when he gets back on the job. I am not sure anyone is actually using our tags anyway.


 Also this morning I got my first e-mail since I have been posting and this is only the 11th e-mail I have had since we started this site. So not many people are e-mailing me (hint, hint). Please e-mail me. E-mail me about anything. E-mail us pictures you think we should post. This person (who I think was a guy but it is not easy to tell from their name) liked my posting on how high heels make anything you wear look sexy or sexier and wants to know if I have worn high heels with a bikini. The answer is that I have never worn high heels with a bikini. I have only worn a bikini twice and that was when I was about 16.

I don't really have a bikini body. But I have worn heels a few times with one piece bathers if that counts. I can verify that even when worn with a one piece bathers the high heels worked their sexual magic.

So with this posting I thought I would share with you a high heels site we have on our huge list of sites that we (mostly Justin) looks at to find pictures.

The site is Heelicit. Heelicit, which can be found here, mostly have high quality pictures of celebrities in high heels. Following are four pictures from the Heelicit site. The first one is Maria Kouka in Louboutin peeps and a serious pervert-top dress. The second one from Heelicit is Jennifer Hawkins in that pop-top dress that caused a stir in the press, wearing white ankle strap sandals (but I have no idea of the brand).

These next two from Heelicit are of Barbara Palvin in amazing 5" heels, although she isn't trying to walk in them. She is posing on the floor. The other is of Joanna Krupa in a red bikini and red heels, and this is specially for the guys.

Remember that you can click on them to see them bigger in the 'lightbox' view.