A (long) tribute to the very sexy YSL Tribute sandals

Hi from Christine again and STILL NO e-mails from anyone!!! This post is going to be all about the awesome YSL Tribute high heel sandals. Sadly I don't own a pair of these very sexy heels because they are about $1,000 Australian and that is way over my $500 maximum for shoes. But the week I win the lotteries I would be out buying two or three or more pairs of these heels.

For those not familiar with the famous YSL Tribute sandals, this is them.  

Don't they look amazing? I am not that into full platform heels but for these shoes I will make an exception. I love them.

Not only are they amazing they are considered to be in the Top 10 of the most comfortable high heels you can buy. See the following quotes. The first is from TheFrisky in their posting "A Tribute to the Tribute", the second is from is from Fashionista where they are placed first in their Top 5, and the third is from the VeryVerve who say they are " . . . surprisingly comfortable for such sky high shoes".

All quotes link to their pages. 

As you look around the Web you can find heaps of celebrities that own and wear these heels. They are seriously sexy heels and yet, from all reports, reasonably comfortable and with a good heel height. The full heel height is 5.25" but with the 1" platform off the actual heel height is around 4.25".

Following, from LipStickStarsandKillerHeels at blogspot (here) are some celebrities enjoying their sexy $1,000 YSL Tribute heels. I am so jealous.

Notice in that second last picture that the guy behind Paula Abdul is starting down at those cock hardening heels.

I am not really sure when the YSL Tribute was first made but I think it was around 2007. It is still being made today. Each year YSL bring out different colours in this stunning shoe. Two of my favourites are the tan and gold version and the cobalt blue. How awesome do these shoes look?

Wow. Can you just image putting those cobalt blue fuck-me heels on and wearing them out somewhere?

Here is another example of their effect on men. Check out the guy to her right with his eyes transfixed on those heels.

If you check Google images for YSL Tribute heels you will get tens of pages of images.

There are even Web sites dedicated to YSL heels a showing the Tribute heels. The following picture of Jade Thompson showing off in YSL Tribute heels is from a site called YSLHEELS. This site can be found here.

I think one of the things that had kept this awesome shoe going for six years is the range of colours that YSL make it in each year. If you Google it on the Web you will see just how many colours it has come in.

It probably also helps that so many celebrities like this shoe. Here are some more picture of celebrities showing off in these heels.


Here are pictures of Alyssa Milano and Natalie Imbruglia enjoying the sexiness of the YSL Tribute.

Well this has been a super long post. I am sure Justin will tell me it was way too long. But there was so much I could find about these awesome sexy heels. This is more but I need to finish it somewhere.

If you want to see more colours in the these heels then GeekGirl has posted a range of colours at her site here.

They guys may not find this very interesting but I think other female readers will . . . I hope.

For my last picture here is Hanna Soukupova in a pair of black gloss Tributes