Heels make anything you wear look sexy

Hi from Christine (again) and I still have not had an e-mail—hint, hint. Please can't someone send me an e-mail? You are completely safe. I will not reveal your e-mail address or your actual name (if you use it).

In this post I am just going to mention something that I think Justin has already posted about but it is so so true. High heels are magical in so many ways but one thing about sexy heels is that they can be worn with anything and they will make whatever you are wearing look more amazing plus you have the sheer sexiness of the heels as well.

I cannot think of anything where heels don't make the clothes look so much sexier. It works with skirts, jeans, shorts (see the picture of Emma Watson), and even a bikini (see the picture of Jennifer Hawkins). Heels also make full gowns look sexier but the gown needs to provide some way for the heels to be seen so they can work their magic (see my two pictures at the end).

I have been known to wear high heels with pyjamas and I can assure you that a previous boyfriend found that extremely sexually arousing.