The perfect sexy heel height—according to Christine

Hi, Christine here again. I thought with my second posting I would tell you what I think is just about the perfect SEXY heel height. I think that true heel height of 4" is the perfect sexy heel height. When I say 'true' heel height I mean how higher the heel is compared to the top of the platform on a platform shoe. So if the total heel height is 4.75" but the shoe has a .75" platform, then the true heel height is 4".

I live in Perth Australia so a 4" heel height means 10 cm, but most shoe sales sites give the heel height in both inches and centimetres and in most stores if you ask the heel height they almost always tell you in inches.

I think that 10 cm is the perfect sexy heel height because you can actually wear them and walk around in them. For me anyway once the true heel height gets much over 4" then the shoe becomes truly uncomfortable and standing or walking in them gets truly awkward and silly. But at 4" the shoes still look and feel very sexy to have on.

I don't think that a 4" heel is not even too sexy to wear to work in most cases and I have often worn 4" heels to work. I know some people would probably say 4" heels are too sexy and erotic to wear to work and men will be getting distracted everywhere, but I think that 4" just borders on not-too-sexy for work. 

I don't like high platform shoes. I much prefer semi-plat heels which means a platform of half an inch or less.

I also generally prefer sandals rather than pump or court styles although I do go through phases of preferring pumps and peeptoe pumps sometimes.

So here is a picture I found of semi-plat sandals with what looks to my expert view of a 4" true height heel.