SquareSpace Lightbox seems to be working correctly now

Hi again from Christine.

The SquareSpace site Lightbox seems to be working correctly now. At least it is on my desktop computer. If I click on a picture in one of our postings now it enlarges to its full size or up to the size of the window. Then when you click it again you go back into the site page.

Obviously on a smaller screen the pictures cannot enlarge up to their full size but they should enlarge up to the full size of the screen on your tablet or smartphone.

When we started this site there was something not working as it should with the lightbox so when you clicked on one of our amazingly edited pictures (I do all that) it did not enlarge up to its full size. So we told people how to manually open pictures in full size (see our sidebar about Firefox).

I have edited up a special picture for you to test for yourself. The picture is 1232 pixels wide in full size but it will only show in this posting at 750 pixels wide which is our limit for picture posting into the site. Click on it and it will go into the lightbox and show full size, or at lest as large as it can depending on your screen. Then click it again and you go back into the site page.

So you can try this out with this picture of sexy nude pump heels and stockings. Click it once to go into the lightbox,then click again to come back to our site.