Shop front self photograph featuring under-booby

I am not sure what this beauty is doing. She seems to be taking a picture of herself from a shop-front window.  Or she could be actually in a shoe shop taking the picture as she is wearing heels and also holding a pair of heels. Anyway, whatever, it is a great picture of a hot girl in heels . . . and that is all that counts.

As an extra special treat she is also showing some under-booby and there are many men amongst us that would argue that under-booby is possibly the best ever type of booby on the planet. I for one am a huge fan of under-boob but I am not sure which is my number one favourite: under-boob or see-through bra-less boob. Both are very amazing and, if worn in conjunction with high heels, this combination is so sexually powerful to the point where I just want to give her everything I own or will ever own.