Never imagined there were so many high heels sites

When Christine and I sort of started the idea of setting up this addicted-to-heels site I never imagined how many different sites there were (are) across the Internet featuring high heels. I knew there were some because I had a few of them in my favourites that I used to check, but now that we are posting and I look around almost daily for new pictures to send to Christine to get ready for posting I am amazed by how many new sites I find almost every day.

A lot of the sites I find with my searches don't have pictures we want to use on our site. A lot of the sites we find have pictures featuring high heels that are too X rated for us to post. We don't post pictures showing bare pussy or couples having sex.

We basically want pictures of women looking hot and sexy in their heels. Enjoying the buzz of the enhanced sexual arousal that heels provide. Soaking up the admiring attention that they get from any nearby males. This is why I especially like pictures of ladies out in public enjoying the impact of their +2 arousing heels on nearby men.

But the point of this posting is that there are many more sites featuring high heels than I would have ever imagined and I doubt that I have yet even come across half of them. Before we started this if someone had asked me how many sites were out there featuring high heels I would probably have guessed something like around 50. But considering all sites featuring high heels it is probably more like 500, and maybe over a thousand. This is only my guess as I have no idea how I would find out how many there actually are.