Christine's pick from the first 50 posts

As I mentioned in a previous post, now and then the team will pick their favourite posts from blocks of 50 posts starting from the very first block of 50 and we will post the picks. We decided to do this to make sure some of our favourite pictures from the past come to the top of the site again.

Here is the very first team pick. It is only fair  that the very first team pick should be from Christine as she does so much editing work on the pictures that we post to make them look their best.

These are gloss red banded platform pumps with an actual 4.25" heel by Louboutin. Christine picked them because "they probably cost over $1,000 and they look they would just be so fucking amazing to wear out somewhere". I was going to edit the 'fucking' down to 'frigging' but Christine told me NOT to . . . so I didn't.