High heels amplify a woman's femininity

In looking around the Web for articles about high heels I have come across a number of items recently looking into what it is about high heels that they make a women so much more sexually appealing to the vast majority of males. This is a subject I often muse about.

One theme that seems to be common in the current research and thinking on this subject is that, somehow, for some reason, high heels turn up the dial on a woman's femininity. It is this 'amplification' of her femininity that then makes her more sexually appealing to males. One article even used some numbers suggesting that a woman dressed normally is a 3 on the femininity and sexual interest scale, then dressed up to go out she would become a 6 or 7, but by putting on high heels they blast up to 8 or 9 in feminine sexual appeal. 

Following is a great example of some high heels femininity amplification happening.