From Cracked: Things that make high heels sexy

Christine sent this to me during the week. She knows I am always trying to find stuff about what it is that makes high heels so sexy to us men. This is from the Cracked site.

Just The Facts

  1. High Heels make people (women) appear taller.
  2. High Heels push the chest and buttocks out, elongate the legs, and cause the hips to sway.
  3. Some people (women) have trouble walking in them.

Practical Use

High heels are the ultimate sexy footwear - according to (the) science. They are the number one fetish (and) they've been around for awhile. Concubines wore them in the 1500s to limit their movement.

... High heels are sexy for a number of reasons: the height of the heel alters the wearer's center of balance creating a walk that makes the hips sway and the bottom protrude; the shape of the shoe elongates the leg, making legs appear longer and leaner; (and) that same shape also arches the foot sexily (and makes it appear smaller).

High heels make the wearer look taller and slimmer, creating an air of confidence and sophistication.


The following picture shows this arousing posture effect from wearing heels. 

Notice that if we draw a vertical line drawn from the centre of the arch of the high heels to the centre of her shoulder you can see the pronounced curve of her back, which almost curves in far enough to touch the line. Also the sexy lift and protrusion of her butt. And if she were just wearing a bra or bikini top we would also be able to see the lift and forward enhancement of her breasts being introduced by the 4" heels.