Team will pick their favourites from each set of 50

Wow. It is June already. The start of Winter.

At last week's Saturday meeting it was discussed again how older pictures that we post sort of fade quickly into the past. No new visitors go back into the hundreds of posts to look at the older pictures we have posted.

So the team had a think about what we could do.

We had a number of ideas but in the end we are going with a plan that Alise came up with. There are basically five of us now. Christine and her boyfriend (and the boyfriend was not at the last meeting), Alise, Alise's friend Claire, and myself. The plan is that each of us will pick our favourite pictures from the past out of sets of 50. Then I will do a post showing the five that were picked titled something like "Team's picks from pictures 1 to 50". Also we will create five new tagging items like "Christine's picks", "Alise's picks", Claire's picks", etc., and the pictures we pick will be tagged.

It is possible that each of us might pick the same picture(s) as one of the other team members and this is okay. So it could be that each time I post the team's set of pictures there may not be five pictures posted because one or more of us picked the same picture from that set of 50.

A little more work for me but hopefully something people will like.

And, as always, our guaranteed high heels picture with every post . . .