Smartphone viewing enhancements

As more proof we are 'just another' high heels porn site we have made a couple of minor viewing enhancements for mobile phones (err, smartphones), making use of capabilities provided by SquareSpace.

Firstly, now if you single tap a picture it will resize to fill your mobile phone screen as best it can without changing the aspect ratio of the picture. Christine has done an example of this which you can see at right. Then to go back to the normal site page you single tap the picture again.


We have tested this on my Android phone and on Christine's Windows Phone and it works. Presumably it is going to work on Apple phones as well. This enlarged picture is not simply a picture upsized by the browser (as some browsers will do); this enlarged picture is re-sent by SquareSpace in the larger size with full resolution (which is why the enlarged picture may take a few seconds to appear—and it will add slightly to you data usage).

You can try this for yourself on the main picture of this posting below. Christine has gone back and set this for all of the main pictures in all of our older postings. She says she is pretty sure she did not miss any (but she might have).

The other change is that you can now save pictures in their full posting size. So if you press and hold a picture and then select to save it then the full size picture should get saved. Most of our pictures are posted at around at least 650 pixels wide, and many are 750 pixels wide. Some are even wider. But they are obviously not shown this big on a mobile phone browser. But now if you really like one of the pictures you can save it in full size for viewing later on a bigger screen.