Another great example of the sexy posture effect of heels

Alise found this one for us. This is another great example of the automatic  sexually enhanced posture effect that wearing high heels gives the wearer when she is standing or walking.

While her back is a bit over-arched, probably because  she has her hands placed in the curve of her back, you can see how the heels are causing her butt to be sexually pronounced and her breasts are thrust forward.


From the line added in to the picture at right you can see how a vertical line drawn from the centre of the arch of the heels almost perfectly centres her shoulders, which is generally the case for woman wearing high  heels and standing straight. In a perfect high heels stance the curve of her back would just come inside that vertical line, but as she has her hands pushing her back further forward than normal the curve of her back comes more inside the line than it normally would.