Babe in awesome CFM hooker heels . . . photoshopped by Christine

Sometimes clear hooker heels just look ridiculous and sometimes they totally work and look awesome.

I found this picture and the hooker heels were seriously arousing but whoever had photoshopped the picture for posting at the legsandheels site had done a really bad job. Her tan had been enhanced and they had overdone the tanning of her legs. They looked seriously fake. Anyway because the heels looked so awesome I sent the picture to Christine to see if she thought we could make it okay to post.


The picture at right above is how I found it and if you click it you will be taken to the actual picture at legsandheels so you can see it bigger.

The picture below is what Christine ended up with. As she says the picture was originally slightly blurred and then way oversharpened and there is nothing that can be done about that. But Christine has reduced much of the over-tanning of the leg and has also reduced some of the tan colour on the rest of the babe's body.

Then Christine suggested a black and white version, and we have posted that as well. In this Christine has added some extra light to the hooker heels to make them stand out even more. I am not a huge fan of black and white pictures but I think this one is great. Those seriously come-fuck-me heels really catch your eye.